Pricing Plans

G-Wellness Therapy Prices

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Types of Massage60 Min (Rs)90 Min (Rs)
Aroma Massage24003400
Foot Massage2000-
Swedish Massage24003400
Thai (Dry) Massage26003800
Balinese Massage26003800
Signature Massage26003800
Deep Tissue Massage26003800
Sport Therapy26003800
Fire Cupping Therapy28004000
Rassa Therapy With Herbal Oil28004000
Combination Massage-4000
Kerala Therapy With Herbal Oil28004000
Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy With Herbal Oil28004000
Potil Therapy28004000
Weight Loss Therapy With Herbal Oil-4200
Shirodhara & Head Massage2000 to 3000-

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